Let the Ink Storm Begin! Margaret River Short Story Competition


Winners of Short Story Writing Competition

I didn’t know it, but shortlisted means I got in! My short story will appear in the 2015 Margaret River Short Story anthology published by Margaret River Press. A real book. In print. On the  bookshelves of real bookstores. Oh the ecstasy!

But wait, there’s more. Not only did I get in, but they have awarded me the South West prize. Can you tell I’ve never been published before? Yes, it is my first time, but it won’t be my last as I have caught the bug.

I’m a little intimidated by some of the awesome writers that are appearing in the book with me. Here’s a sneak peak…

Margaret River Press Shortlisted Authors

Rosemary Allan (Qld), Claire Aman (NSW), Julie Davis (NSW),  Jane Downing (NSW), David Halliday (Vic), Cassie Hamer (NSW), Jeannie Haughton (NT) Louise Hodge (WA), Glen Hunting (WA), Ali Jarvey (WA), Erin Courtney Kelly (Vic), Beverley Lello (Vic), Eva Lomski (Vic), Alison Martin (NSW), Susan McCreery (NSW), Magdalena McGuire (Vic), Catherine Moffat (NSW), Iain Murray (Vic), Melanie Napthine (Vic), Su-May Tan (Vic), Lesllie Thiele (WA), Paige Townsend (Qld) and  Michelle Wright (Vic).

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